Wednesday, November 17, 2010

YO gabba gabba

more pictures of the party.. :) I will say it was funny that all of these children were screaming for Biz markie.. yep of the "you say he's just a friend" Biz.. at first he was on the screen and said he wished he could be there and then .. there he was and had kids come on stage.. at the after party.. (loose term) he talked to every family and was very kind.. it made me giggle.. I was also very shocked to see grown men .. dads with children in the DJ lance rock entire costume.. it IS an orange bodysuit.. it was a little disturbing ;) talk about taking one for the home team... VIolet is rocking out at the end of the video clip.. we had 6th row seats in the center.. very nice for her to stand on my lap the entire time and rock out.. I totally like music.. like really love it.. I am thankful that my children love it as well.. even though right now we listen to a lot of justin beiber, taylor swift, jonas brothers, etc.. Parker's fave is taylor swift, Abe loves blink-182 right now, and Violet LOVE owl City.. not so fun when we were at the Children's museum for sing a long time and the nice lady in charge was taking requests and she requested" Song 3# on the owl city CD" not so fun at all for mom.. or when they are walking the grocery store singing " all the other kids with the pumped up kicks better run and run and try to dodge my bullet" ( at the top of their lungs) again not so fun..

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