Sunday, January 31, 2010

My favorite part...

The other morning I was drying my hair, as I was doing this I smelled "THAT" smell.. It sent my heart racing and I was really freaked out.. The smell... poop.. nope...natural gas.... nope..... liver and onions... nope... NAIL POLISH!!!!!! Violet AND nail polish.. I called out to her to figure out where exactly she was..She was in the kitchen and had this to say...
In case you can't hear. ..
mom- what are you doing Vi?
Vi- I've got nail polish
mom- Reall? Where did you get it?
Vi- Under your bathroom cabinet locked..
Mom- Oh under my sink in the locked cabinet?
vi- Yes.. that is my favorite part!
Mom- That is MY favorite part too!

Monday, January 25, 2010

signs of love

Parker wanted to surprise Abe on his birthday and make signs to hang all around the house.. This totally makes me laugh because they are bizarre and almost every single sign has a word that is spelled wrong.. :) He was so touched by her hard work and thought it was the best thing ever..

Abe's 6th Birthday

Abe opened his presents on his Birthday last Tuesday. It started well.. But ended in tears.. Parker and Violet got Abe this snow globe with a baseball glove inside and a baseball floats around in it... you tip it and try to get the ball in the glove.. He said it was THE BEST present ever and apparently Violet heartily agrees because a few minutes later she dropped it and it shattered in about ONE MILLION shards of glass and a horrible smelling solution inside.. Abe was very sad but I heard him tell Parker this was his BEST birthday ever.. He is having a party this weekend.. a Gymnastics party.. should be wild and crazy.. I am trying to make some sort of LEGO cake.. will post pictures after the party. He was really excited as you can see in the video to get an ipod.. I know what every six year old needs.. he LOVES it and it was totally worth it..

Sunday, January 24, 2010

A little Gem ..

AHHHHHHH!!!!!! Last week abe came running into the kitchen and said, "MOM you must come see this.. there is something very not nice about you on the chalkboard.." (flashbacks from the past.... ) I reply- "really, what does it say ? " Abe-" I can't repeat it.."
He says, "I am going to erase it.."
Me, "oh no.. I am interested now.. "
It says.. "I hate mom!" Parker instantly confessed and broke down and said it was when we were going through a bad time... Bad time such as what?? Clean your room, homework first, wear your jacket??? What about curfews.. grades, boys.. driving?? That is when you will hate me... :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

the sling

A friend of James dropped off presents for the kids and he brought such thoughtful gifts for each. For Parker he brought a tinkerbell lipgloss kit that she LOOOOOVES!! For Abe he brought a nerf gun.. obviously he LOOOOOOOVES that.. and for Violet he brought a baby with it's own sling. She LOOOOOves it. Violet spend the firsy year and half of her life in a sling.. :) She wears it all the time and has even worn it to bed.. it has a little pocket on the side for the dolls bottle.

for nana..

Nana has mentioned that she would like to see Gracie and here she is .. cute as a button..

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


All 3 kids were in desperate need of haircuts.. Abe's teacher even told me that he has been hiding behind his hair lately.. I personally thought that was a little funny, but got the haircut anyway;)
This was a a BIG day for Violet.. It was her very first haircut ..ever.. soon to be three and just having her first haircut.. She keeps telling people ,"I was very brave! "

Dog sitting

if you did not know, we dog sat for our piano teacher for three weeks in December.. Sounds fun right? Violet is terrified.. abnormally terrified of dogs.. what better way to cure her than to immerse her in a dog environment.. right? Like when you want your kids to learn a new language perhaps? The first week was horrible.. thought we might be damaging her psychologically.. really but suddenly somehow she became less scared.. this equaled less screaming as well. By the end it looked something like this..

the lodge..

We were lucky enough to go to the Great Wolf Lodge with many other families over our Christmas break.. while we were there Our friend Jackson celebrated his 4th birthday. We had so much fun!

more busy days

Tuesday, January 5, 2010