Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Break..

I am so thankful for this Christmas "Break" We have been so busy lately it makes my head spin just thinking about it.. I am not sure if I could..would.. should.. do another Nutcracker performance if I had to again by myself.. whew... it is a good thing it only comes once a year..:) School for all of us has been great and I really love teaching in the morning vs the afternoon like last year.. Violet and I are finding our groove ..finally.. she is one of the youngest in the class and certainly HEAD STRONG so that makes for some "moments" shall we say, that test me as a teacher but also as a momma.. I know these will be her strongest attributes if we can just "use her powers for good"! Oh that little pumpkin.. ..
We have been laying low.. and I love it.. we have done some fun things but mostly just hanging out. We went to zoolights last night and it was fun until Violet fell asleep.. she is not very heavy until she is asleep..:) very very very very heavy..
At our Company Christmas party we made Ginger houses with graham crackers and milk cartons.. They had yummy goodies and someone kept sneaking the goods. I caught her eating a graham cracker off of the house even..really..
The little people here are so excited to open presents.. I think Violet is THE most excited.. She is driving me crazy ..she can hardly stand it..

We were getting into the car the other day.. and abe said 'Christ!!" similar to the way violet said "Jesus" not long ago.. (see former post) and The folks parked next to us, and next to them, and probably next to them heard him and I even heard someone gasp.. (for reals) and I turned around to give Abe MY HAIRIEST eyeball.. this is the day after my hideous Christmas pageant encounter with Violet.. to put it into perspective.. and he was smiling so angelically and said "may your CHRISTmas be blessed!!" and was so excited that he realized that Christmas is all about Christ.. my heart melted a little..:)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas pageant..

Here are a few from the Christmas Pageant.. I have mostly Abe in these because he came on before Parker and then my battery died because I left the camera on.. I did get some crappy ones of Parker on my phone and posted those to facebook. The other pictures are of an even on post called Tell me A story and everyone that goes gets a signed copy of the book. We were having fun in the picture area.. :) That was something new we tried and it was fun and something I think we should do every time for families to have of the day.. Abe was at Boy scouts so he missed the fun..:)