Friday, December 25, 2009


Violet was really angry. bitter actually this morning when she came downstairs .. We always come downstairs to "check" to see if Santa made it.. Grab the camera.. turn on the tree lights... To capture the FIRST Glimpse!!!
SO this morning Violet was under the impression that Santa was here waiting for her downstairs, Sadly he was not and it took awhile for her to a. stop screaming b. come downstairs and c. notice the presents..

For Grandma Lights...

She has BIIIG plans .... look out project runway.. look out..

Christmas Morning..

More Christmas Goodness!! Thank you all who sent us goodies.. We love and miss you.. we hope you had a wonderful Christmas..

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Church Performance

When I watch this I just smile.. Parker worked really hard on her signing and you can see that she takes it very seriously.. not shocking.. :) She IS the member of our family who has been known to tell the check out cashier at Wal- Mart a bible verse or two... it is a wiggly video.. I was holding both Violet and the camera... Abe is in it as well. He does not know the signing part.. he joined Parkers class two weeks before the performance..

Decorating the tree

We had fun decorating the tree. James did not have fun putting it up that is FOR SURE!! It was an ordeal to say the least.. It involved a few things..

a. 6 attempts to get it into the stand..
b. a few choice words..
c. a trip to home depot by me
d. an electric saw
e. a borrowed hand saw
f . some teasing from the neighbors
e. some more choice words
but alas, success. Truthfully, when it is easy to put up the tree, it just doesn't seem the same..

The Thanksgiving Feast

Every year, The Kindergardners have feast for Thanksgiving. They learn five songs, make a bonnet, pilgrim hat , or native American hat, and make their favorite family dish to bring to share. All the families come and eat together. Abe is in the middle back, and has a Native American Hat on . This is the first time I have been successful uploading a video.. I hope it works!

Monday, December 7, 2009

More fall pictures


I am telling you that whenever I am feeling a little lost, I can look up and see one of these..

Soo I am wayyyyy behind..

Here are some Halloween pictures from October. I realize it is December, better late than never. We had a wonderful Fall this year. Beautiful weather for the most part.. I mean, it ISSS Washington- this is all relative you know. James was home for the most part- again it is all relative ;) Finished up soccer in November.. Great soccer seasons for both Parker and Abe. The older two started piano lessons and seem to love it and are progressing nicely. They do both have ulterior motives. Parker needs to learn to play the piano because she really wants to play the violin. The deal is, since we actually have a piano, she should learn to read music on it, and prove that you are serious about it, and THEN comes the violin. So far, so good. I am POSITIVE that Abe's motivation has to do with learning to play the guitar to be a rock star and get all the ladies. Not even kidding... Abe had a feast at his school with 170 -yes- 170 other 5 year olds. There are 170 Kindergarden students ... I am a little scared for the first grade teachers next year!
As a family we had a great Thanksgiving. It was very low key and laid back. James had two weeks off before his business trip and it was very relaxing.. I felt like I had house husband.. It is always a HUGE help when he is able to help with the car pool, bus stop, and errands. I feel like the two weeks before the trip is always bittersweet. Great that you are home non-stop for two weeks, but yet it is really difficult to go from full-time dad to NO DAD presence.. Such is our life, and there is no changing it.. so I must just put my chin up. No sense in complaining.. nope.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

birthday celebration!

Parker is a proud eight year old.. :) She was sooo very excited to turn eight. When we asked her what she wanted to do for her birthday, she said she just wanted a very small party this year. She really wanted to go to Libby Lou's a store at a mall in Bellevue. When I looked into it to make plans, I discovered that all of the LIbby Lou stores closed! YIKES! So we had a glamour girl gathering at a local children's salon. It was very fun and the girls had great time. They had their hear done, makeup, and nails done. Of course, afterwards we HAD to go out for pizza. even Vi got in the beauty action!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

birhtday cake

Parker had a birthday recently.. can she really be eight years old? She really like her cake this year. It is always a surprise at our house. No one gets to see their cake until the candles are on and people are singing. Abe told her it was a treasure chest this year so she really was surprised to see a soccer ball!

the new pet

I can't believe that I forgot to mention our newest member of the family.. Abe has a pet guinea pig. He was soooooooooooooooooooooooo excited to add him to the family. we realize now that we should have bought a girl and not a boy.. Parker wants one and we can't get another one.. A girl will not work, and neither will a boy. There were many to choose from but this one captured Abe's heart. We have been through many many name changes.. It went something like this.. Binny, Benny, turtle, tortoise, turtis(not my personal fave), to what is now Tiger. Abe informed me in a dead serious conversation, that I could choose to call him Tigris if I so chose. His name is Tiger or TIgris.. it's up to you...

Friday, October 9, 2009

marshmallows anyone?

This is what I am up against..

Lost tooth!

Seriously, this front tooth was loose forever... Really... Finally it came out.. The tooth fairy brought a two dollar bill and a gold dollar coin.. Of course, this tooth fell out two days before picture day..

Abe's soccer season

Abe is on a coed team .. he is one of the older kids on the team this year. . He sits at Parkers practice and listens to what the coach says, and then tries to implement at the game.. The first game, I thought he was a bit of a ball hog, but has since has been passing the ball a lot more... I think last week he scored 4 and barely missed 4 more goals..

Soccer madness

For ten weeks in the fall, we have two soccer games.. at various places.. and times. Last weekend Parker scored two goals at her match. I have to be honest and say it was 80% luck and only 20% skill. I mean if I am going to be honest I would say she is not the superstar of the team, but not the flunky either. She loves it and is working really hard. The team is all girls, all turning 8 this year.. There are 8 girls on the team.. 5 have been playing together for years , and then they added three girls.. The new three girls are from our school .. Next year, if we play, which we will, we will keep our team.. As long as we live here we will keep this team.. I like that it provides continuity for all the teams..

Getting the haircut

Parker chose to sit on the saddle to get her haircut.. She said it was because she is a cowgirl.. duh.. They took 9 inches off...