Friday, March 19, 2010

rocking out...

Our friends have rock band world tour and have been telling us how fun it is.. we finally got to try it out. It was very fun. Violet clearly a big fan of the drums.. she was just whacking away having a blast. I think the moms liked it more than the kids.. We were rock stars for a moment.. :)

tennis tourney

last weekend, Parker had a tennis tournament.. I use this term loosely.... tournament.... She had a great time and hung in there.. She is getting much better and really enjoys it. Her school has an amazing gym teacher who has after school sports programs and camps.. She has a really great serve actually... p.s. Her partner is as tall as me..

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Violet love to cook.. It drives me crazy.. really crazy.. I do not want her to hurt herself by cutting and or burning herself.. but she insists. I cannot leave her in the kitchen alone if I am cooking something because she will start cooking .... Case in point.. note the boiling.. steaming.. water next to her... she completly can make scrambled eggs from start to finish by herself as well.. :) scary...

her first flowers

Bryce is quite the ladies man.. He brought Violet flowers the other morning.. It was very sweet..
Daddy send the girls flowers for Valentines every year but this was the first time from a "boy".
His mom said he saw them at the store and wanted to get them for Violet... :)

a new quilt

Grandma lights has been making Parker a quilt. It arrived and went straight to the bed.. She loves it and calls it her sweet dreams quilt.. Thank you Grandma.. you did a great job!

by the way.. Abe thinks he has one coming...

showing some love..

hugh dog had a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese.. He has been planning it for MONTHS... Literally- it happened to be on his moms birthday too. We all went and had a great time. We have been there many a time, but this was the first time violet actually was able to run around and have fun. It was really fun to see the joy and surprise in her eyes at every little thing. I think she hugged every single character there.. as you can see.. spreading the love..

It's been awhile..

I realize it has been awhile since I last posted.. I lost the camera battery charger.. and was waiting on a new one to arrive... It has also been a bit crazy.. It is typical when our dad is on a business trip.. after about three months it gets a little hairy around here.. I hit a slump and it feels like I can't hold it all together anymore. It usually passes.. :) It HAS to anyway... Things are going well at our end.. it feels like spring is springing around here - which I LOOOOOOVE! I will say winter was very very mild here.. (sorry guys..) Here are some photos of the last month or so..

Violet and Heidi.. whom she loves and adores..
lots of puzzle action.. Violet is loving puzzles lately and I think she actually "gets" it..