Friday, August 21, 2009

True story!

Early This morning Abe woke me up, sometime around six a.m. ( not my finest hour ! ) He says, "MOM I have a very important question! " This gave me pause because yesterday also around 6a.m. he had a very important question which was this: " Mom can I have Oreo Cakesters for breakfast? " Clearly, we are not on the same page when it comes to important questions.. So the important question this morning was this, "Mom is Jesus still alive on the cross? " Ok so WAAAAAAY more important the oreo cakester question.. He is directly in my face with his questioning look.. I tell him that no, Jesus is not still alive on the cross. That is is ALIVE in Heaven.. To which Abe says, "Alive like us? " NO not like us, but if you believe that he died for your sins, on the cross, and ascended into heaven, then when you die, your spirit will go to Heaven and you will have eternal life- WHOA all before 6:15am.. He says "I believe that! " Which I am very happy to hear from my precious five year old.. After this he says " I also believe in Satan.. " With his angelic face.. I go on to tell him that Satan is bad, rules Hell, opposite of Heaven, is a fallen angel, is very smart and tempts us contstantly.. I am thinking "LORD is this really the time for this ? " Meaning 6:15 am? So Abe then looks at me and says, " Mom are you sure? SANTA is good and brings all the children of the world Chrsitams Presents!! "
HE said Santa, not Satan!!! I am still giggling.. just thinking about that poor boy.. :) I was so careful to inform him about Satan and the perils of it all and HE was just telling me that he believed in Santa! Ha!! :)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

music in the park

Violet loves music and the park.. there is a small hill that she was rolling down when I snapped this ..
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music view

So not only is the music fun and fabulous so is the view.. :) Really that is the Puget Sound.. Not even kidding.. SO the Farmers market is from 3-7 and then Music at seven.. ( Elvis was there last week..) So fun and beautiful. It was SOOO hot last week that we thought it would be cooler by the water, and it was but we came home to no power.. Yes 104 degrees and no power which equals no fans to blow that hot air around.. :) But this week is cool and cloudy back to normal around 70 degrees. It had not been that hot here since 1891. YIKES!!!
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I want to add another plus of living here. FLowers!!! The flowers are stinking amazing. We bought these at our local Farmer's market for $10!!! It is the truth.. hard to believe I know.. all local grown.. The food is equally as beautiful.. :)
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Kelly was very excited with her finished product..
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craft night

Our monthly craft night meets the third THursday oif the month.. We took a few months off due to crazy schedules.. It was wonderful to meet again and craft together. I decided to make this cute little card holder this month. I did not think of this idea myself. I found it here It has the step by step instructions.. so you can try it yourself.. It is in different colors and papers but Stampin' Up! just released the new catalog ( email me if you would like one and I will mail it to you! ) This project uses our new in colors for the year. Six special colors available for one year only - And new designer series paper called Razzleberry Lemonade. It would make a great gift. I can already picture it using Christmas paper.. I cna't wait to make more. It holds 4 ards and envelopes. This is the front, but the back looks just like the front..
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Inside the little folio is a notebook and place for a pen. The notebook is velcro'ed in so you can take it out if you need too.
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notecards and holders

The notecards and holders are what go inside the card folio.. This is new paper that I absolutely LOVE!! They use the in colors from Stampin' up! and new desogner paper calle Razzlebarry lemonade.. Screams summer to me.
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After picking our daddy up at the airport last night, we stopped to waste time at the mall. It is really the best idea because traffic is hideous heading south from Seattle at that time.. Daddy bought Vi some icecream for dessert. She really just wanted the cone and not the yummy stuff inside.
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the piano

When the Havniears moved the only good thing about it was that we inherited their piano! Of course, I would rather have our familys' best family back, but the piano is a nice plus.. It sees alot of action at our house. Parker and Abe compose songs-( hysterical by the way! ) VIolet and her pals love it too, Here is Violet and her friend "little brother"
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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Heidi with her big brothers

I really treasure those first moments that my children have met one another and today it was so special to see Jackson and Bryce meet their new sister for the first time.. They were in LOVE right away..
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heidi Hallett

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With Heidi

Lisa had her baby today.. She did an MAZING job in the delivery roon- really amazing.. NO drugs.. :) Here is Heidi Vi Hallett
she was born at 3:25pm 7lbs and 9 ozs and 20 inches..
WOW! what a day.. we are home now and Lisa and Baby doing well. Her hubby was able to call her and talk for awhile.. :)
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