Friday, October 9, 2009

marshmallows anyone?

This is what I am up against..

Lost tooth!

Seriously, this front tooth was loose forever... Really... Finally it came out.. The tooth fairy brought a two dollar bill and a gold dollar coin.. Of course, this tooth fell out two days before picture day..

Abe's soccer season

Abe is on a coed team .. he is one of the older kids on the team this year. . He sits at Parkers practice and listens to what the coach says, and then tries to implement at the game.. The first game, I thought he was a bit of a ball hog, but has since has been passing the ball a lot more... I think last week he scored 4 and barely missed 4 more goals..

Soccer madness

For ten weeks in the fall, we have two soccer games.. at various places.. and times. Last weekend Parker scored two goals at her match. I have to be honest and say it was 80% luck and only 20% skill. I mean if I am going to be honest I would say she is not the superstar of the team, but not the flunky either. She loves it and is working really hard. The team is all girls, all turning 8 this year.. There are 8 girls on the team.. 5 have been playing together for years , and then they added three girls.. The new three girls are from our school .. Next year, if we play, which we will, we will keep our team.. As long as we live here we will keep this team.. I like that it provides continuity for all the teams..

Getting the haircut

Parker chose to sit on the saddle to get her haircut.. She said it was because she is a cowgirl.. duh.. They took 9 inches off...

The haircut..

The finished product.. She loooooves it.. It really suits her.. so I realize we are going to have to get a bun on her head for recital, but I have a few months to figure it out..

The first day

On Abe's first day he had Music class first .. He was very excited..

First day of school.

Now that the kids have actually been in school for close to thirty days now, I thought I should post a picture from the first day of school. Abe was really looking forward to riding the school bus.. I mean REALLY looking forward to it.. unfortunately, a few days before school started, we were out front playing with the neighbors and he fell and the handle of the scooter landed in his mouth and knocked three teeth loose. The teeth were not loose prior to this event.. FYI.. His gums were mangled and looked like porkchops... not the tasty kind..
So it took some serious planning to get them both to school that morning.. Abe had a 7:15 AM appointment at the dentist.. So James got Parker on the bus, followed it to school and Abe and I were trying to get to school on time for a picture, and community time.. We all made it.. the teeth had no permanent damage.. (thanks Goodness! ) and I was able to get pictures.. Abe got to ride the bus the next day..

Friday, October 2, 2009

I am here...

I know that I haven't been blogging at all.. I am sorry... I really can't even explain why except that my heart just hasn't been into it lately.. :( Since I last posted our lives are different..
I am feeling more up to posting and I really have a lot of photos to post. I haven't been posting but I have been taking pictures.. so it isn't allllll bad! I am not even sure where September went... not even kidding... Abe has started Kindergarten, Parker has started second grade, Violet goes to what she calls "camp." It is really a daycare on post.. I have started teaching afternoons at a local Montessori school. I am still working at my other job with the Military Child Education Coalition.. So let's just say we are a little busy.. :) so far so good though.. At the beginning of the year Abe was attending Kindergarten at the local Elementary school, and then heading over to Montessori in the afternoon.. we have since switched and now he goes to Montessori in the morning, eats lunch there and then walks over with his pals and Mr.Steve to The local elementary school .. this is better for us on MANY levels.. the main level being that he is not in my class! We have a different situation than most folks.. I did not feel like it was a good fit for us (Abe and I ) for me to to be mom, dad (half of the time ) and teacher... :) He has been doing this new schedule for a week now and it is going very well. Both Parker and Abe are playing soccer . Abe playes on a 4-6 co-ed team and is loving it.. Parker is playing on a u-8 team with all 7-8 year-old girls and is doing well for her first time..She really loves it and is improving all of the time.. Parker is also continuing her ballet lessons with Emily.. This is there third year together. This is also the first year what I would call "serious" classtime. They ar doing more barre work and are learning many more terms and positions and such. They really love it and on the way home last week told me "there even felt like ballerinas now! " It was very cute. Parker got about 10 inches cut off of her hair.. it looks very cute and she really loves it! I will post pictures soon. :) We have new computer so we are trying to learn how to use it! :)
will post pictures soon!