Thursday, March 26, 2009

littel picassos..

This is Violets art desk.. everyone at our house must have one.. :) We were having our monthly stamp day/night with my stamp group the stampin mamas.. and the little ones REALLY wanted to paint.. and paint they did.. paper, bellies, faces... just not walls.. please just not walls!
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Abe went to bed with wet hair recently and woke up with this! It was soo funny that I had to take a picture. I re-wet it and it still would not lay flat.. He does need a trim.. he says when it"gets summer he's gettin a mohawk! " We shall see!
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Learning to make muffins

Here is miss kelly teaching our daisy troop to makes muffins.. they really loved cooking and even got to use the stove at school! They were shocked to know that there was one, AND they got to go into the teachers lounge!! Very exciting!! ;) Next year half of our troop will "bridge" and move up to brownies and the Kindergardners will stay and be daisies again next year. We are losing two girls due to our nomadic lifestyle! We will miss them, but more likely than not, our paths will certainly cross again! After muffins, we played team charades. We were learning about teamwork.. It was a fun day for all.
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precious girls!

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Parker and Katie always end up together! They are best buds..
They are moving this summer and our kids will certainly miss theirs! We have always been the family that is moving and have not been on the staying end of things. This is certainly new for us. We have never lived as long as we have here ANYWHERE!!! Crazy thought.. We have another family that is great friends with our kids and theya re moving too. This summer will be rough I think, for Parker especially. We have been blessed in the fact that we have made some wonderful friends ( the kids and I both ) that aren't movers! They are not in our line of work and will actually stay! :) So huge blessing there. It is funny when Parker and Katie work on something together.. theya re both leaders! Oldest of three, used to be the head honchos.. It takes them a minute but they always work it out somehow.. Our Daisy troop was working on team work... and they were all successful at it.. the muffins were yummy as well!
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Friday, March 20, 2009

The science fair

At the elementary school, it is mandatory for the third graders to do a science fair project and optional for the K-2 .. Last year Parker wanted to do a project and I said , "Next year.. "
Soooo when this year rolled around I had no choice .. So she teamed with up with her friend who lives in the neighborhood..and they did a project on tongue-mapping. They worked reall hard.. They got an award!! Very exciting..
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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

a little update

So things were a little crazy this past weekend.. Friday was the kind of day where I start counting down the hours till bedtime at like noon.. and when I finally got all three in bed, I felt like running for the hills. I completely, remember saying to myself "AT last!! " I ran upstairs to get something and I heard Abe come out of the bedroom and tell me his throat hurt.. He is always a little dramatic with only one parent around.. I told him to get a drink of water and "GET BACK TO BED! " :) He proceeded to throw up ALL OVER the playroom. I mean ALL OVER!! Cleaning up vomit is really truly one thing I really hate about being a mom..
So after all that I stayed up late to work on homework for this weeks class on astronomy.. yes we do teach preschoolers all about astronomy and earth science for that matter.. I went to bed at 1:30am.. Violet my sleeper inner woke up at 5:30AM with a "Good moring and was screaming I'm pooping! " Who doesn't love to be woken up with a good morning I am pooping shout out? (this momma) . So After waking up the entire house with her greeting- we are all up at 5:45am.. On a saturday- our only day to sleep in.. After dance class There was an event for my Bible study group (160 women ) for those wives whose husbands are traveling.. caled WODS. There is an aftternoon of free childcare, food, activities, and fellowship.. Really looking forward to it.. I usually help out and do not participate, but this year I was looking forward to just hanging. For PWOC, the group of ladies, I am one of two ladies who coordinate childcare, So I booked childcare for the event for the ladies in December.. I have rteminded their coordinator every week or so since DECEMBER and was confident they were coming.. we work with the childcare providers every week. They did not arrive.. so picture about 15 moms with at least two kids each staring at me - really wanting/needing a break from life of a year or so without a husband.. I was really frustrated.. I called the woman in charge about 3 times.. no answer.. we worked it out. There were three or four ladies who were at the event to help out and we all watched the kids together. I know God's hand was there because the kids that usually cry for hours on end didn't cry at all! :)
So after that Violet started to get a fever and had a fever all weekend- a high one- where her body just ached.. up all night for three nights in a row.. So Hooray the weekend is over.... :) we survived- we always do.. :)