Thursday, March 26, 2009


Parker and Katie always end up together! They are best buds..
They are moving this summer and our kids will certainly miss theirs! We have always been the family that is moving and have not been on the staying end of things. This is certainly new for us. We have never lived as long as we have here ANYWHERE!!! Crazy thought.. We have another family that is great friends with our kids and theya re moving too. This summer will be rough I think, for Parker especially. We have been blessed in the fact that we have made some wonderful friends ( the kids and I both ) that aren't movers! They are not in our line of work and will actually stay! :) So huge blessing there. It is funny when Parker and Katie work on something together.. theya re both leaders! Oldest of three, used to be the head honchos.. It takes them a minute but they always work it out somehow.. Our Daisy troop was working on team work... and they were all successful at it.. the muffins were yummy as well!
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