Friday, June 11, 2010

just unders

Violet is now wearing just unders as she like to call them. One morning, she woke up and declared, " I am only wearing unders." To which I reply " today is not really a good day for this! " Well we had to go to Raindrops and rainbows, a Birthday party at Chuck e. Cheese and on and on.. In true Violet style she held firm and stayed dry from that day on..

The Bunny did come..

We had a ton of fun decorating Eggs this year. Violet managed to get "less" dye on her hands than previous years.. :)

one thing Vi does not not need..

Just saying.. this is the last thing she would ever need. :)

backing up a bit..

This Spring, I still think of it as Spring even though it is June, because I had to wear my fleece this morning, and it makes me feel better about our non -Summer that I currently live in. Our daddy returned from a business trip .. It was very exciting. Normally he just rolls in and we don't get to meet him as soon as he comes home. This time we go to go and wait and be there as soon as he arrived. Not like the time we got to meet the plane and the band, and all the jazz, but this was really exciting. We waited in the dining hall and then got to go to his office and give a big hug. This year, we have learned , sadly, that all daddies don't come home.. we were really excited to see him. For about a hundred years, he has really wanted a recliner, and usually thinks there will be one waiting for him when he gets home.. there never is one waiting... until this year.. :) We hid it so he would not see it when he came into the room. It was really hard to keep a secret. Violet actually told him, but because she is hard to understand on the phone, he did not hear. These photos are of the waiting, the welcome and the chair.