Sunday, October 28, 2007

Lots of new posts

I have posted alot of new pictures- to see them all you will need to click on older posts at the bottom to see the others.. enjoy!! :)

KIng of the Hill

Here is Abe with his friends Veer, and Vivian. Viv was on our soccer team too.

This is at the pumkin patch..

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the hunt!!

Here is Cody and Abe on the hunt for the BEST pumpkin! James got to come on this trip with us to the Pumpkin Patch. I was there twice in one week! :)

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the airport

This is when papa and grams met Violet for the first time at the airport! We had not seen them since Christmas in Tennesee! It was very exciting! :)

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the daisies

Here is Parker's Daisy troop. This is at their induction. They had to learn the Girl Scout Pledge. They each recited it, then ran through a tunnel made by the moms.. it was really funny- they all took it VERY seriously! :)

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Part of the fun was getting to pick out a pumpkin. The rule was that you had to be able to carry it yourself. I was laughing so hard at some of the boys who had enormous pumpkins that they were trying to carry to the bus. They ended up trading down a little!

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pumpkin patch

This is taken at Parker's class field trip to the pumpkin patch- it really rained the entire time. .... She had a blast!
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Soccer Star

This is Abe's proud moment! He got a medal and a trophy for soccer this year. He is really jazzed about the trophy! He had his special day at school. He had to take his favorite things to show to the class. the trophy made the cut. I keep telling him that he got the trophy because he worked really hard - he doesn't really care how he got it.. just that he has one!

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Rolling Over

As I mentioned before, Violet can roll over. I laid her down, went to change laundry... I could hear her really chatting about something... when I came back she was on her belly- my camera was right there, so this is the true first roll over! She looks terrified!

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Love at first sight

As much as I really despise big plastic exersaucers when my friend Mary offered this one up, I decided to grab it! We really don't have a lot of room, but I decided it would be worth it.
Violet LOVES this thing!! It is good for at least 20 minutes of chores. Parker did not have one, Abe didn't LOVE his like Vi does. She talks to it, yells at it, and gets really fired up. This picture is the first time she sat in it. Love at first sight!!

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Hopefully we have the picture problem worked out! While we were walking around downtown, I got a few good shots of Violet from behind.
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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Parker's birthday

I forgot that I hadn't shared about Parker's 6th Birthday. She had her party at Pump it up! It is an indoor bounce house craziness. It was really great- There are two arenas.. They each have different items in them. A big bouncy slide, obstacle courses, sumo wrestling, all like you see at fairs. You spend 40 minutes in each arena and then 40 minutes with Pizza, cake , and presents! we decided not to exclude siblings so there were 40 kids there!! all we could say was thank goodness it was not at our house this year!! :) Keep in mind that alot of her friends have at least two brothers and sisters! I think her favorite gift was the new Barbie movie from just grandma! We have watched barbie and the island princess at least 5 times!! Parker got her school pictures back and they are great! We will be mailing them soon so keep watch for them. We had our first Parent teacher conferences last week. It went well. :) Abe started gymnastics this week at the little gym- it is a great place by the way. they are all over. I would recommend them. He really needed an outlet since soccer is over..spring soccer is offered here, but truthfully it doesn't een begin to get close to warm or dry for thatmatter here until June if we are lucky.. I think we will just play fall soccer! Parker has added ballet classes on saturdays now that soccer is over and she LOVES it.. so much moe than jazz and tap- a little suprising. it is wonderful having daddy around again! It is an adjustment of course- schedules and all :) Violet still has not cut her tooth- it is just lingering there underneath the surface.. She has been babbling quite a bit- I know another talker ! not really what we need around here ! Parkers school had a spooktakular celebration last night- it was put on by her school and our ROA ( renters owners association) basically the neighborhood too. It was really fun. I signed up to volunteer to help out for an hour.. We got assigned a job outside! YIKES it was almost 40 degrees last night! we just bundled up Violet and Paker and Abe were in their costumes-( High school musical Cheerleader and a Power ranger ) They were true to form with Parker only concerned about the social scence, and Abraham only concerned with the treats. :)
They both have Class parties this week- HOPEFULLY I can get all of the pictures uploaded!
We had a short but sweet visit with Papa and Grams! We went to the aquarium they were remodeling and it was completed! and to Pike's place market. It was fun. We had lunch with Parker at school. I volunteer in her class on Monday afternoons (math) , so Grams came too. I was not feeling well, but feel much better! Thankfully the weather wasn't too bad for their visit! :0 Nana and Mr. Ross are our next visitors in December!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Yahoo! Mail -

I am having serious troube trying to get my photos uploaded to my blog1 I am very very frustrated. So that is why I haven't been posting- I have great photos to share, but can't get them up! The kids are doing well. Parker had her induction ceremony into the daisies. She is now official! ( lowest level of Girl scouts) Abe hada great end to soccer season- at his last game he blocked 10 goals! we had his end of year party and they got medals AND a trophy- you can imagine the excitement!
Violet can roll over now- we can't just lay her down anywhere now! She is also cutting her first tooth! It will be peeking out any day now!
I am working on the picture issue- if anyone could shed light on the situation I would be so grateful! Picassa won't recognize anything from me!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Great news!

My husband is on his way home from his business trip! I am really excited..I haven't told the kids in case the plane gets delayed! His bosscalled, and hemay be home for dinner! We will keep you posted! Hooray!!!!

Sunday, October 7, 2007


One of the games at the apple squeeze. Abe, Cody, Parker, and Ty.
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Apple Squeeze.

We live 3 miles from the Puget sound . Every year in the next town there is a festival called the apple squeeze, it is right on the sound (chilly) . THey had all kinds of apple foods, all the different apples that grow in washington. Apple butter.. Yummy ! The best part is that the town sells empty gallon jugs. There are many many tents set uo with apple presses. this is Parker putting apples in the press. there are a few steps, but it doesn't take long and you have homeade(by you) apple cider! the kids were amazed! It was pretty cool!
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smashing the apples

Here is parker turning the press today at the apple squeeze.
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apple squeeze

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So if you are wondering what Violet looks like these days.. She has been ridiculous! Crying crying crying. Today she seemed better- but this is violet for the past 4 days! :)
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the rocket

The mad scientist also set off a rocket.. Here is the birthday gang waiting on the rocket to go off. It actually ran right into the house!
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Birthday party

Our friend NOah had a mad science birthday party recently.. This is Parker and Noah helping the scientist with a experiment! She taled to them about chemicals and they made their own rubber bouncy balls.. it was very fun
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Trash pickers

Last week we had to pick up trash on the main road of our little town. MOMS cLub has a section of road that we "adopted" two years ago. It is a requirement that it be cleaned 4 times a year. The boys thought the best part was wearing the cool yellow vests. Annie and I had to wear BRIGHT ORANGE vests!
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swim report cards!

Once a month, the kids get report cards at swim lessons. This is the day Parker was so happy because she graduated to the next level. She has had two lessons in her new class, and has already learned so much. It seems that Abe is back on track after the fall into the pool setback. He is motivated to move up now that Parker has...
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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

poor Violet!

Wdnesdays are truly the worst day of the week for us. CRAZY busy! I have my bible study on Wednesday mornings and HAVE to leave as soon as the bus picks up Pj- most weeks I leave before her bus even comes because it is ALWAYS late! my friend Paige makes sure she is getting on the right bus. This morning Neither child wanted to get up! Rainy and Dark is never good.. I finally get Abe to wear the RED socks.. Today he didn't like red- yesterday he only wanted the RED socks- He is walking a thin line of survival.. he MIGHT live to be 4, but he might not.. we'll see. So then I realize it is DAISY day!! THe first daisy meeting afterschool. I got all of the daisy attire- blue tunic, pins, patches galore.. BUT I forgot to iron it all on- how hard could that be you ask? I couldn't get them to stay on.. !! So I get to bible study- My friend Paulaand I are incharge of the childcare- we don't actually watch the kids, just makesure the workers are there and the ratios are right- we were supposed to have 14 workers, but only 11 came! we made it though- I didn't have to pick up carpool for Abe until 1pm, so I went to the PX (military wal-mart) I am going to get a thermometer because I think Vi might be sick.. I finally get to the register and realize I have no idea where my military I. D. is soooo no thermomter! :( Violet sounds like a barking dog.. I called the hospital and we go right in- she has croup and is miserable! She was up from 3a-5a last night! i hope it won't last long- so off to the daisy meeting, then swimming, and then AWANA!! i was going to skip AWANA but thet really wanted to go- They had a blast! I do however need to re -arrange something on Wednesdays....

Oh if you wanted to order from Parkers fundraiser we got a note from school today that you still can1 I think they were a little ( A LOt) short of the goal- if you did order thanks so much! Please keep praying for our DEAR friend Aaron, who is stillundergoing chemo!! It is working!!