Wednesday, October 3, 2007

poor Violet!

Wdnesdays are truly the worst day of the week for us. CRAZY busy! I have my bible study on Wednesday mornings and HAVE to leave as soon as the bus picks up Pj- most weeks I leave before her bus even comes because it is ALWAYS late! my friend Paige makes sure she is getting on the right bus. This morning Neither child wanted to get up! Rainy and Dark is never good.. I finally get Abe to wear the RED socks.. Today he didn't like red- yesterday he only wanted the RED socks- He is walking a thin line of survival.. he MIGHT live to be 4, but he might not.. we'll see. So then I realize it is DAISY day!! THe first daisy meeting afterschool. I got all of the daisy attire- blue tunic, pins, patches galore.. BUT I forgot to iron it all on- how hard could that be you ask? I couldn't get them to stay on.. !! So I get to bible study- My friend Paulaand I are incharge of the childcare- we don't actually watch the kids, just makesure the workers are there and the ratios are right- we were supposed to have 14 workers, but only 11 came! we made it though- I didn't have to pick up carpool for Abe until 1pm, so I went to the PX (military wal-mart) I am going to get a thermometer because I think Vi might be sick.. I finally get to the register and realize I have no idea where my military I. D. is soooo no thermomter! :( Violet sounds like a barking dog.. I called the hospital and we go right in- she has croup and is miserable! She was up from 3a-5a last night! i hope it won't last long- so off to the daisy meeting, then swimming, and then AWANA!! i was going to skip AWANA but thet really wanted to go- They had a blast! I do however need to re -arrange something on Wednesdays....

Oh if you wanted to order from Parkers fundraiser we got a note from school today that you still can1 I think they were a little ( A LOt) short of the goal- if you did order thanks so much! Please keep praying for our DEAR friend Aaron, who is stillundergoing chemo!! It is working!!

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