Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Have not fallen off the face of the Earth!

No, I have not fallen off the face of the Earth!! I can't believe how quickly this past week- since my last post- has gone! It has been MORE than a little crazy! Last FRiday night, and all day Saturday, I went on a retreat. It was Awesome! It was through PWOC. Protestant Women of the Chapel.. Some times these things are good, not great. This one was great! On Monday, one of my friends was extremely sick. She went to thr DR. and they sent her to the ER. I was helping with her kids.. GREAT news! Parker has moved up to the next level of swim lessons! She has been working soo hard at this. It has not been easy for her to work really hard, and not graduate up to the next level.. Today was her day! So she will be in a new class starting next week. So tomorrow is picture day.. You know what that means? It means I am ready to bang my head against the wall after helping Parker pick out what she wanted to wear! SERIOUSLY!! She ended up with her old standby. Her fave green striped dress- I suppose this was her biggest decision yet! :) Abe celebrated Johnny Appleseeds birthday at school today. They all wore pots on their heads all day! I will post some pictures. Tomorrow they are making little pies with nilla wafers and Applesauce.. Should be interesting..
Thanks to everyone who has ordered from Parkers Fundraiser at school- The PTA says that if this goes well, it will be the only one! Sounds good to me ! Our MOMS CLub organization adopted apart of the road here in our little town. We have to do it once a quarter. I just got online to see who is helping and it is just me and Annie . of course this cracks me up. the highway people come and route traffic and we are to wear the bright orange criminal vests!! I will totally get a picture of this!! Is it sad that I absolutely can't waio to see the new Greys anatomy??

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Maribeth said...

Not bad at all. I am so siked for the new Greys!