Sunday, October 7, 2007

Apple Squeeze.

We live 3 miles from the Puget sound . Every year in the next town there is a festival called the apple squeeze, it is right on the sound (chilly) . THey had all kinds of apple foods, all the different apples that grow in washington. Apple butter.. Yummy ! The best part is that the town sells empty gallon jugs. There are many many tents set uo with apple presses. this is Parker putting apples in the press. there are a few steps, but it doesn't take long and you have homeade(by you) apple cider! the kids were amazed! It was pretty cool!
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Tamara said...

This little festival sounds like a lot of fun! How was the cider?

Amanda said...

The cider tastes AMAZING!!! really great! Abe keeps teling me, "i made this mom !"

Tamara said...

That is cute! Our kids are so precious aren't they? I love the way they think.