Saturday, October 27, 2007

Parker's birthday

I forgot that I hadn't shared about Parker's 6th Birthday. She had her party at Pump it up! It is an indoor bounce house craziness. It was really great- There are two arenas.. They each have different items in them. A big bouncy slide, obstacle courses, sumo wrestling, all like you see at fairs. You spend 40 minutes in each arena and then 40 minutes with Pizza, cake , and presents! we decided not to exclude siblings so there were 40 kids there!! all we could say was thank goodness it was not at our house this year!! :) Keep in mind that alot of her friends have at least two brothers and sisters! I think her favorite gift was the new Barbie movie from just grandma! We have watched barbie and the island princess at least 5 times!! Parker got her school pictures back and they are great! We will be mailing them soon so keep watch for them. We had our first Parent teacher conferences last week. It went well. :) Abe started gymnastics this week at the little gym- it is a great place by the way. they are all over. I would recommend them. He really needed an outlet since soccer is over..spring soccer is offered here, but truthfully it doesn't een begin to get close to warm or dry for thatmatter here until June if we are lucky.. I think we will just play fall soccer! Parker has added ballet classes on saturdays now that soccer is over and she LOVES it.. so much moe than jazz and tap- a little suprising. it is wonderful having daddy around again! It is an adjustment of course- schedules and all :) Violet still has not cut her tooth- it is just lingering there underneath the surface.. She has been babbling quite a bit- I know another talker ! not really what we need around here ! Parkers school had a spooktakular celebration last night- it was put on by her school and our ROA ( renters owners association) basically the neighborhood too. It was really fun. I signed up to volunteer to help out for an hour.. We got assigned a job outside! YIKES it was almost 40 degrees last night! we just bundled up Violet and Paker and Abe were in their costumes-( High school musical Cheerleader and a Power ranger ) They were true to form with Parker only concerned about the social scence, and Abraham only concerned with the treats. :)
They both have Class parties this week- HOPEFULLY I can get all of the pictures uploaded!
We had a short but sweet visit with Papa and Grams! We went to the aquarium they were remodeling and it was completed! and to Pike's place market. It was fun. We had lunch with Parker at school. I volunteer in her class on Monday afternoons (math) , so Grams came too. I was not feeling well, but feel much better! Thankfully the weather wasn't too bad for their visit! :0 Nana and Mr. Ross are our next visitors in December!

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