Tuesday, March 3, 2009

a little update

So things were a little crazy this past weekend.. Friday was the kind of day where I start counting down the hours till bedtime at like noon.. and when I finally got all three in bed, I felt like running for the hills. I completely, remember saying to myself "AT last!! " I ran upstairs to get something and I heard Abe come out of the bedroom and tell me his throat hurt.. He is always a little dramatic with only one parent around.. I told him to get a drink of water and "GET BACK TO BED! " :) He proceeded to throw up ALL OVER the playroom. I mean ALL OVER!! Cleaning up vomit is really truly one thing I really hate about being a mom..
So after all that I stayed up late to work on homework for this weeks class on astronomy.. yes we do teach preschoolers all about astronomy and earth science for that matter.. I went to bed at 1:30am.. Violet my sleeper inner woke up at 5:30AM with a "Good moring and was screaming I'm pooping! " Who doesn't love to be woken up with a good morning I am pooping shout out? (this momma) . So After waking up the entire house with her greeting- we are all up at 5:45am.. On a saturday- our only day to sleep in.. After dance class There was an event for my Bible study group (160 women ) for those wives whose husbands are traveling.. caled WODS. There is an aftternoon of free childcare, food, activities, and fellowship.. Really looking forward to it.. I usually help out and do not participate, but this year I was looking forward to just hanging. For PWOC, the group of ladies, I am one of two ladies who coordinate childcare, So I booked childcare for the event for the ladies in December.. I have rteminded their coordinator every week or so since DECEMBER and was confident they were coming.. we work with the childcare providers every week. They did not arrive.. so picture about 15 moms with at least two kids each staring at me - really wanting/needing a break from life of a year or so without a husband.. I was really frustrated.. I called the woman in charge about 3 times.. no answer.. we worked it out. There were three or four ladies who were at the event to help out and we all watched the kids together. I know God's hand was there because the kids that usually cry for hours on end didn't cry at all! :)
So after that Violet started to get a fever and had a fever all weekend- a high one- where her body just ached.. up all night for three nights in a row.. So Hooray the weekend is over.... :) we survived- we always do.. :)


Herken Family said...

WODS was great, and I know everyone was blessed by it. We should all know being military wives that nothing ever happens without some hiccups along the way. It worked out, God and the women (including you!!) blessed all of us. THANK YOU!!! Hang in there! I've had a crazy few days as well, so I understand!

Michelle said...

What a weekend, I'm sorry it sucked so much. Let me know next time your crazy and I'll bring you some food.

Sarah said...

Holy Moley, Girl!! And I can so believe Child care did that....but it doesn't lessen the impact when they do!! Remember the kickoff of the last deployment with 35 ladies and their kids...and no workers. Good thing MPK was so proactive in helping!

You rock--such a servant. Love you and miss you.