Friday, October 9, 2009

First day of school.

Now that the kids have actually been in school for close to thirty days now, I thought I should post a picture from the first day of school. Abe was really looking forward to riding the school bus.. I mean REALLY looking forward to it.. unfortunately, a few days before school started, we were out front playing with the neighbors and he fell and the handle of the scooter landed in his mouth and knocked three teeth loose. The teeth were not loose prior to this event.. FYI.. His gums were mangled and looked like porkchops... not the tasty kind..
So it took some serious planning to get them both to school that morning.. Abe had a 7:15 AM appointment at the dentist.. So James got Parker on the bus, followed it to school and Abe and I were trying to get to school on time for a picture, and community time.. We all made it.. the teeth had no permanent damage.. (thanks Goodness! ) and I was able to get pictures.. Abe got to ride the bus the next day..

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