Monday, January 25, 2010

Abe's 6th Birthday

Abe opened his presents on his Birthday last Tuesday. It started well.. But ended in tears.. Parker and Violet got Abe this snow globe with a baseball glove inside and a baseball floats around in it... you tip it and try to get the ball in the glove.. He said it was THE BEST present ever and apparently Violet heartily agrees because a few minutes later she dropped it and it shattered in about ONE MILLION shards of glass and a horrible smelling solution inside.. Abe was very sad but I heard him tell Parker this was his BEST birthday ever.. He is having a party this weekend.. a Gymnastics party.. should be wild and crazy.. I am trying to make some sort of LEGO cake.. will post pictures after the party. He was really excited as you can see in the video to get an ipod.. I know what every six year old needs.. he LOVES it and it was totally worth it..

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