Wednesday, November 17, 2010

There was party in our city..

And did she ever party! Really the only show on Televison that miss Violet likes and will sit through is "yo gabba gabba". I know it seems a bit creepy.. she LOVES it!! We were fortunate enough to tickets to the show "There is a party in your city" tour. With backstage passes no less. So exciting for her. It was a busy day.. too busy in fact .. two soccer games, one soccer party, one boy scout selling pies, one cubscout swim party , one sleepover and yo gabba gabba.. YIKES!!!
We arrived there in plenty of time... until I realized I had NO CASH >.. and $10.00 CASH ONLY parking for miles and MIIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLEEEEEESSSS! BUt found an ATM in front of the venue.. running in rain to the atm and back to the car= good times with three year old in tow...
Any way it was really fun, better than expected... the foofa lover is still high on life.... I have more pictures to upload of the party girl and will post in the next entry.. :)

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