Monday, November 22, 2010


It is snowing.. last year it did not snow once.. I think we are really in for it this year. The kids had a half day of school today and they decided to cancel school for the rest of the week. Parker and Abe were only supposed to go tomorrow and for half a day on wednesday.. I wish I could say I am excited.. but I still have one more day of teaching this week.. The children have been preparing the food for their feast since last Thursday and have been making their outfits for at least a week... I hope we still have the feast tomorrow.. Abe had his last soccer game on Saturday and I guess he is on to basketball. His soccer team is hoping to all play basketball together.. I remember going to Zane's games around Abe's age and it can summed up in one word.. Painful.. really painful.. not a lot of action.. a lot of whistle blowing, but it will be fun for him.. Parker is getting ready for the Nutcracker.. She had a costume fitting last week and next week they move into the theater for rehearsals there.. Violet well Violet is just busy being herself.. full force Violet is what I have been calling her lately.. busy busy girl.. she made our dinner tonight.. stromboli.. it looks very messy but will be tasty.. I taught Parker how to make paper chain bracelets tonight so she is working on that.. VIolet made a video for dad.. will post.. an original song.. ;)

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