Friday, January 4, 2008

the sleepover

Parkers close friend Katie spent the night last night. Parker has been wanting her have a sleepover for awhille now! she lives a block awayu, so no middle of the night- how on earth do I get her home? issues! THe girls have the same birthday, which makes them sisters... They called themselves, birthday sisters, and of course, Girl Scout sisters! They are very cute together. Oh, and I have been reminded, that they are both the oldest of three siblings! The night went well. For dinner, we made our own Pizza dough and personal pizzas . They made brownies for dessert. I gave manicures and pedi's to the girls-(Of course, with glitter polish on top! ) Then the dance party.. we tried to do a craft.. BUT there was much dancing to be done! At the end of the night thet watched Barbie and the Island Princess movie! Parker abd Katie agree, "IT was the best night EVER!!" :)
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Maribeth said...

How fun for Parker! It looks like the girls had a blast. I am so excited for Ryleigh when she gets to be a big girl and have slumber parties!