Sunday, January 13, 2008

Goings on

So let's see.. Thank Goodness school started this week. :) It was wonderful to have a break from school and lessons but it goes without saying that routine is good. James was also home for two weeks. At the end of the break, Parker and Abe were really starting to get on each others nerves. They aren't used to spending all of that time together! It has been a busy, but great week. James and I were talking, and realized that it has been one year since we arrived here in the Pacific Northwest! Yikes! Quickest year of our lives! I think the way his job works makes it go quickly and also having a baby this past year really made it fly by. Vi will be 8 months old this week! Abe will be 4 this week too. I REALLY hate it when people talk about time flying.. and here I am doing it! :) We are planning Abe's Birthday Bash. Of Course, he wants it at Pump it up after Parkers Blow out. Abe really got the shaft on Birthdays last year! :( We were in our house, with nothing in it- we didn't know anyone to invite, so it was just the four of us! Not that there is anything wrong with that, because there isn't but... Birthdays around here are IMPORTANT!! It is the one day of the year that is yours ONLY YOURS! We decided long ago that no matter how many children we had- Birthdays would be big! I know lots of folks who subscribe to a different school of thought and downplay birthdays at their house, and I truly see nothing wrong with that- After spending time with us, their kids are not liking that though. It just seems like as siblings and members of this family, they are always compromising, sharing, and the like ( as they should) that one day can be special. So Abe's is in the works! Unfortunately, his birthday is on a holiday weekend- in our line of work, that means a 4 day weekend- (like a golden egg- hard to come by! ) and you should never plan a party on a 4 day weekend- everyone gets out of town! So the party will be the weekend after the party. I know some of you are laughing at me right now because you know how much I dislike this idea! Dragging out the celebration is a no no! I typically save all gifts, for any occasion, for a ONE TIME opening- all b-day, Christmas. etc so that it is a one time event- Now It will be a birthday week! :( So we will have a family meal on the 19th with family gifts- Abe gets to pick dinner.. Sausage, macaroni and cheese , and Black beans, with Peach Pie for dessert. Sounds soooo yummy doesn't it? He is soooo strange ! and then the party with friends the next weekend.
Abe went to Cabela's ( IKEA for boys! ) with dad, ron, Cody and Ty yesterday while Annie and I went to an Awesome grocery store that is like Trader Joes but all locally grown.. so even better- and they kept calling to see when we were coming home- we pulled up and out popped three little people with a bow and arrow contraption that shoots mini marshmallows - a bow and mallow if you will.. again what every boy needs! So, last night, the boys were here- they were having THE hardest time not shooting in the house ( and at each other for that matter! ) it was dark and raining (shocker), and so they stood at the slider just shooting the marshmallows- I am sure the raccoons were excited! I have pictures and will post them!


Maribeth said...

I completely agree with making a big deal out of their birthday. I try to do the same for Ryleigh especially b/c of it backing up to Christmas.
It sounds as if your getting back to a routine with the kids in school. Call me whenever and I can try to help you with your blog questions (try being the key word).
Miss you!

tabitha said...

Hi Amanda. I hope your holidays were good. They look like they were really fun.

Did you receive our package? I hope I sent it to the right address.

Tell the kids happy birthday.

Here's a recent vid we just posted of Silver: