Thursday, April 28, 2011


I think it is Spring.. the flowers are blooming.. pollen counts higher than high but it is CHILLY!!! Seriously chilly and rainy.. I really don't mind the rain.. I know the beauty that is coming our way.. During Spring Break we went to Ocean Shores .. it was very relaxing.. It was windy and we had to wear our winter coats. I keep telling my peeps that someday they will go to the beach and actually wear just a bathing suit! Truly.. even in July in Southern California it was too cold for just a bathing suit.. :)

Baseball season has started.. it is going well. Abraham decided he wanted to play on a team with his friends from school. He has moved up to actual baseball with rules .. He is the starting catcher and does a really good job with it. I think he is starting to like this Position.
Parker June was in a play last week , called "going". It was about a group of people who were going somewhere but we didn't know where exactly.. It was very interesting and each student wrote their own monologues.. The time period was in the fifties. She tried for the talent show at school today belting out some Taylor Swift. She surprises me every day!!

Violet is a busy mama. She is taking dance lessons and has her recital tomorrow. we are very excited to see it.. I PROMISE to post pictures. I feel as though with fb I can post pictures and I neglect the blog a bit.. I can post more photos on the blog and write a bit.. I will try to keep up with it more.. I feel as though I say it often ;) Violet loves school and is coming right along.. We had baby chicks in the classroom last week and a LAMB is coming next week. I am a lucky girl to work at such a great school..Sometimes I have to check myself to see if Violet is testing me as a mother or as a teacher but truly I know how blessed I am to be both.. (even with the deep breaths taken - for reals )

All three peeps are signed up for soccer which should be so interesting.. LOTS Of running around with two of them on teams that travel..
berry bushes are all planted along with a cut flower garden.. James told me I have 29 more feet for the vegetables. I ned to get those planted for sure..:)
We decided that the girls need separate bedrooms.. I was really hoping they could just stay in one bedroom.. I always wanted a sister to share a room with.. probably because I did not have a sister. But feel like Parker june really does need her own space.. as a big sister she should have place all her own.. so operation craft room move began last week and we have been busting our behinds to get this done.. so I guess I am finally unpacking the last of the boxes from our move last July..
We have had some great family time since james returned from a trip but alas another trip begins Monday.. we are keeping our chins up..


Ryan. Beth. Pierce. Paige. Ollie. said...

Hugs. Love the post. Keep them coming!

Tam-e said...

Enjoyed reading your blog and catching up with all the kids and their activities.
I know from experience that having to share a room with a sister isn't all that fun! LOL! That was a goal of mine to be able to give all of my children their own rooms and they all do and love their own space as I'm sure Parker will too!
Glad things are going well with all of you! I don't know how you do it all! :)

Herken Family said...

Tag! You are it!