Monday, July 27, 2009

responsible for just one!

SO Parker and Abe have been in Texas for a week now.. It has been really strange just being responsible for one little girl.. I must admit these days she feels like WAY MORE than one little girl. NOt even kidding..
We have been BUSY having fun.. We have been to the beach, the pool two times, bike rides, exercising.. temper tantrums at the post office, commissary, and PX.. Whew that is hard work.
we picked bluberries.. have been hanging out with our little firends.. I know Violet is loving the just me and mommy time.. Daddy isn't here either.. So it is just VIolet and mommy best friends forever.. BFF.. We have done all these fun things and I keep forgetting my camera.. I put it in my purse though and should be taking some new ones.. BTW it is HOT as blazes here.. Yes, I do know that it is hot all over .. I get it.. BUT you have AIR CONDITIONING and we DO NOT!!! :)

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