Monday, May 18, 2009

catch up..

I have alot of pictures to post.. and I will. I know some of you like the grandparetns are dying to see Violet's Birthday pictures.. I have not fallen of the face of the earth.. I promise. We had a very exciting weekend. Birthdays and a returnign DADDY!! It always amazes me how far he travels when he is returning to us.. it amazes me.. I did not tell the kids and they were so excited when they woke eup saturday morning to a mommy and a daddy.. it was priceless.. So priceless that I have no photos.. I menat to bring the camera to bed so that I could capture their faces in the moment but he arrived at 3am and I totally forgot..sorry-
I also have some very cute pics of Parker getting rready amd going to the Taylor Swift concert.. :0 -I have a ton of school work to do but I will update very soon--


Amanda said...

I really can spell- really..

Maribeth said...

I am so excited James is back home. Everyone must be thrilled.

Laura said...

So happy for you all that James is back....hope you all have a great homecoming time!