Friday, April 3, 2009

Violet is trying to potty

The other day Violet told me she wanted to pee on he potty. I thought "yeah right" she would not stop.. So we went to the potty which she would not even sit on before, and pee'd in the potty! SHe then told me to get the "camah" I wa thinking what the doink is a "Camah?" After many attemps on Violets part to tell me she said picture.. Oh get the CAMERA!! Silly mommy! She has done it three more times.. I am sooo not ready to potty train!
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Maribeth said...

What do you mean you don't want to do potty training? I am counting the months down till I can get Evan done with diapers (at LEAST 12 but probably closer to 20). Good luck!

Amanda said...

she is not even two!! :)
I feel like it takes a HUGE committment on the parents part to follow through on the "tell me when you need to go" Plus even though she talks an amazing amount- I don't feel like I can reason with her as well as I would in a year.. BUT I will strike while the iron is hot..

Maribeth said...

According to Carol I was potty trained by 2 (trust me, she reminded me of that the entire time I attempted to potty train ry and ry would have none of frustrating as I was listening to my mom). You're right about the committment but it's worth a shot if the girl is interested. I think my excitement stems from my fight with Evan to change his diapers. He refuses to have his diaper changed on any public changing table and screams with the biggest tears. He tends to pout about it at home but is a little better in his comfort zone. Best of luck to you (and I hope you know my first comment had a hint of sarcasm).