Thursday, November 27, 2008

portland Zoo

We went to Portland last weekend.. we decided if it was nice we would go to the zoo, and if not we would go to the Children's museum, both great choices.. It was a clear day- a little chilly.. I was really trying to get a picture of all 3 kids on this huge turtle, but it was nearly impossible. It is really fun these days because Vi is really loving the world around her! I love this age! She is talking up a storm, signing a ton.. Granted it is alot louder with one more person talking around here! :) At our kindermusik class the first two weeks of the month Miss Robyn comes and teachs us Babysigns. Violet and Abe both love it.. we have been working on animal signs so she was SCREAMING the words while signing the animals at the zoo.. it was really funny.. She totally has daddy's temper!!! Also funny sometimes.. Sometimes not funny at all. Like in public- not so funny!! My montessori certification is going well. I am really learning an amazing amount! I LOVE IT!! I geta little class time on Monday mornings at Abe's Montessori school. I will have to do a year internship next year.. I can't wait!! Know that we are missing all of you that are far away.. evryday, but today especially.. Happy Thanksgiving.. We feel blessed to have such wonderful Family and Friends!!
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Maribeth said...

The kids look great! Sounds like everything is going well. I miss you!!!! Tell everyone I said hello.