Sunday, September 28, 2008


On Thursday mornings Abe , Vi and I take a Kindermusik class. Abe is the oldest in the class which really is hard for me. Our teacher has made him her "asisstant" which really helps. I think this is Vi's and even Abe's favorite thing of the week, but truthfully, it is the time of week I DREAD the most! :( I love that they are doing something together.. BUT Abe is really annoying at the class. It feels like all I do is reprimand him the entire time. WHICH is not fun to do! I am contemplating leaving the class for this reason. It has been one month.. I keep thinking it will get better but it isn't!!! This is Violet playing with balls at the beginning of class. We see her teacher from time to time around town and she always points to her fingers like we do in one of the songs.. very cute!
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Herken Family said...

I hope you don't leave the class!! We love getting to see you guys every week. Lara just loves Vi and of course Ethan idolizes Abe. They are both such good kiddos! I know it's tough..been there, done that with second thoughts.