Friday, September 12, 2008

goings on...

I just wanted to give some updates.. Parker is doing well at school. It has been an adjustment - she comes home very tired.. I am hoping that she adjusts .. she is quite a bear in the evening. Abe is doing well at his school- he loves it still - I am working part part time-and have started my montessori certification. The class is once a week and very long! 7 hours- It is fascinating! I love it- I have hired a wonderful woman to help us out on my class days. I will take these classes sept through june and then I have to student teach a mere 720 hours! (only) :) and I am planning on doing that next year when vi is a little older.
Parker starts her dance lessons tomorrow at the same studio- She has decided to only do ballet this year- swim lessons will be starting soon as well. I am hoping they can handle awana- I am not sure about that-
My husband is doing well and we have been maximizing family time- we love and miss you who are far away-
oh we will send an email about parker's school fundraiser! :)


Maribeth said...

I've been wondering what you've been doing! Sounds like everyone is adjusting to the new fall routine of school! I will keep my fingers crossed that Parker adjusts (she will:)!
Miss ya

Amanda said...

I have my doubts! I have a few friends with first graders and they are saying the same thing.. :)i miss you too1

Marty said...

You have the cutest kids. I love how we are able to keep in touch with your family through the blogging. Thanks for the update.