Friday, April 4, 2008

little cowgirl

Grandma and grampa lights sent this for christmas for violet- she is not able to get on it herself yet but she will let us know that she wants on it! she always laughs when she gets on and rides.. the hard part is keeping Abe and Parker off of it!
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Herken Family said...

lara has that same toy and her and Ethan fight over it all the time!

Maribeth said...

She is getting huge! I can't believe how fast she's changed.

Amanda said...

She is growing quickly! I can't believe she will be one in may! of the three she is the tiniest right now- 6mos clothes..14 lbs.. in fact she fell off the charts at the dr. they are making us come in monthly for check-ups.. this is very convenient I might add!:)