Thursday, April 3, 2008

Abe's big day!!!

5 rst off, Abe really is wearing a wetsuit over his pajamas- his thought process went like this... I am so excited to have a back yard now, I must get out there- who cares if it is 8am and cold? It is sunny... I will probably get wet.. I will be cold...Why not just put my wetsuit , that are shorts, over my flannel pants? and really why not???

I have been looking for preschools for Abe for next year.. such a task.. We really are pleased with his school this year- 8 kids, ages 3-5.
I really wanted to try to get him in at the montessori school in our town last year, but it was full, and expensive- we knew we were going to pay for full day K for Parker as well- You can go 1/2 for free, but pay for full day- so we love the school this year- i feel very strongly though that he wouldn't be going back.. they aren't even sure if they will have the program at all. on the advice of a friend, who has child at montessori, i called, we had an interview- yes an interview- the whole family! It was veryexciting to see all my old "works" ( basically the toys ) I had not seen them since I had gone/worked at Montessori myself.. Abe Loved it!!
I left there regretting going at all- He loved., I already loved it, James loved it.. the problem..?? 14 applicants and 3 spots for next year... :(
Abe woke up the morning "ready" for montessori school- so After heartbreak i explained, for really the 10th time about next year- we dropped off the application- when we walked out, the owner says.. Are you able to start this year? I didn't know what to say? so ..Abe started yesterday !! I was really scared to leave him there- he looked really really panicked! i worried all afternoon- i picked him up- he had a blast! they said he had a great day- was right at home! Abe said this- i painted a fence, met the rabbit, washed my snack platecorrectly all by myself!!! i learned some spanish.. i love it!!
I am sooo excited for my little guy to have this experience!- He has a good friend in the class next year, and we are hoping that cody and/or ty can get in as well!:)
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Tam-e said...

I love it when the kids dress themselves! Well, sometimes I love it! I have a hard time when we are going out in public letting them dress the way they want. I was a little upset with Alexis cuz she wore this outfit, on picture day of course, and it didn't even match! I knew I probably wouldn't buy the photos except for the class photo but still! What was she thinkin'?
That is exciting about Abe getting in to the school! It is always nerve racking when we send our kids off for the first time! That will be me once again this up coming year with Taylor! My last one going off to preschool! She will love it though. I always think it is harder for us than it is for them.

H said...

I am so glad Abe is liking school! I can't wait for next year, lets hope our boys stay out of trouble;)