Sunday, March 30, 2008

We are back

I have clearly been blog absent!! It has been awhile- I haven't been blogging- sorry- BUT I have been taking lots of pictures- so no worries- You haven't missed a thing- and I will catch you up! So the new house is great- we DOUBLED our square footage- we were able to set up a playroom in the loft area and instead of a living room and a family room, we have a family room and a CRAFT room!! It is great- I have pic's. I have my own craft area, so do the kids- a computer area for the kids and a reading area. It took forever, and alot of rearranging after I thought I had it the way I wanted it.. so not very fun for mr. cranky pants- he hates moving!! Our kitchen is very large and our table fits in the kitchen so that makes me very happy!
SO Here is Violet- looking very happy in her high chair !
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Tam-e said...

I am glad you are back at it! I have missed reading about your family. Glad you got settled into your new home. I hate moving too! It is the pitts!