Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Portland Children's museum

James has been off work since Christmas. It is really nice having him around full time! We went to the Portland Children's Museum recently. if you are ever in that area, I would highly recommend it. It has a ton of exhibits and plenty of room. The olympia museum that we normally go to is very small. I always feel cramped in that place. Parker and Abe were taking turns at the cash register and the shopping cart. When Abe was the "checkout person," I asked him why he was just throwing the food at the end. To which he replied, "MOM.. That's how they do it at Wal-Mart! " Enough said Abe- enough said!
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Maribeth said...

Wow this looks like a great place. I am loving your pics! I thought the Olympia Children's Museum was great... I can't imagine the Portland one (bigger?!?!). Glad to hear you've had some family time. Hope you had a great New Year!