Monday, November 5, 2007

Close ups of the kids

Close ups as we did puzzle time.
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Maribeth said...

I loved all the photos. It looks like you're enjoying your fall. I've been asking complete strangers about their double strollers. Trying to figure out what is best for our needs. Thanks for your input. I will keep ya posted.

Amanda said...

Faye- we asked soo many people about double strollers- that is the best way to find out.. :) Ask them how long they have had them too- it helps see if they hold up or not. It is a big investment so take your time. I went runnning with ours and it was great. I have to wear my ipod though so I can't hear Abe try and talk to me the whole time:)

Maribeth said...

Oh I can just picture Abe jabbing away to you thinking you really want to hold a conversation while you run. Too funny.
I trust your opinion a lot on the stroller... I just don't know when to drop that bomb on Glenn... he does get another bonus at the end of the year so maybe... we'll see.