Sunday, September 16, 2007


Abe had his second soccer game yesterday. I truly did not think I could go through another week like last week's game. He cried about 4 times.. barely got on the field. I truly think the ONLY reason he got on the field was because of the bribery. Every week one mom brings snacks and another mom brings drinks. I told him "Those treats are for PLAYERS ONLY.. you are not a player until you get in the game! " Horrible, I know. He held his coach's hand the entire time on the field. He got in the groove- ran, dribbled the ball, and got clobbered- so back to crying again.. So I was truly praying for a better week. On Tuesday his coach put him in as goalie and he rocked. At the game yesterday he wouldn't go on the field at first.. he slowly inched his way out there- I am NOT KIDDING- and she put him in as goalie and he blocked 4 goals from the other team! His team won! I think he gained confidence- he really can play and does understand the game as much as a 3 year old can- he says he doesn't like all of the people watching.. Hello it is a game! I hope we have another good week at practice! Parker starts her lessons at Johansens school of Ballet this week- we can put those tap shoes to "proper" use. :) Violet and I are going on a field trip with Abe's school to an Apple orchard - I hope to take some good pictures this week. I will keep you posted! we love and miss you all!
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Maribeth said...

I can't believe he didn't want to play his first time! Hopefully things are looking up on the soccer field as the season moves on.