Sunday, September 16, 2007

Marriage proposal???

I ordered this dress for Parker from Gymboree. I thought it was so cute. When it first arrived she thought it was ugly- but I convinced her to try it- I sweet talked her with a red bow.. her red shoes.. and Viola! She is newly obsessed with hair accessories so I knew that would work! This is her right before school Thursday morning. Abe came around the corner and said, " Wow! You look really good! Can I marry you?"
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Maribeth said...

She looks so good! Tell Parker that Ryleigh and I think she looks beautiful. We love the red too.

"GRAMS" said...

Tell Parker that Grams thinks she looks so beautiful! I love her red bow and shoes, too!
"She's growing up way to fast!"
I think she looks like Grandma Lights here.