Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Laerning about Apples

On our field trip to the orchard today, there was a wonderful lady named Molly who gave us our tour. I am guessing that she was almost 80 years old. I had my doubts that she could keep 20 pre- schoolers excited for two hours but she did. We moved around alot which helped. We got to pick an apple. I think she gave them all to our teacher Miss Jennifer. I think they are making homeade applesauce tomorrow. At this orchard, you can sponsor a tree for $35.00 a year. They teach you how to care for it throughout your year and then you get all the apples from "your" tree! Only your family can pick the apples from that tree! Ithink we will do that next year. The orchard is only 6 miles from Abe's school. Apples are the ONLY fruit that Parker will eat....
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Maribeth said...

I love the idea of 'adopting' a tree. I think that is really neat.