Friday, August 24, 2007

That is not safe!!

Apparently, my grandmaCitrone had a friend growing up who was waving her arm out of the car window, and it was cut off. My mom passed this story on to my brother and I growing up. I to this day never put my arm out the window. Parker and Abe started doing it, so of course, I had to pass on the story about Grandma's friend. Well, at every stoplight Abe comments on the driver next to us- "he is being safe" or "She has her arm out the window, that is not safe!" Yesterday, we were at a stoplight and Abe asked me to roll the window down. Sure- no problem, until I hear him say "Excuse me Mr, You need to put your arm back in the car. My grandma's friend arm fell off- it is just not safe!


Grandma Lights said...

Funny thing. I was told the same story when I was growing up as were several of my friends. I am surprised that our world wasn't populated by multitudes of one armed people. I, too, to this day am unable to place so much as an elbow out a car window due to the emotional scarring of that story.
This is the third time we have accessed your blog and I want you to know that I appreciate the opportunity to see on-the-spot photo's of my grandchildren. Bless the power of the internet!
Give my love to all the short people in your home.

Grandma Lights

Pam Shannon said...

this is really true, mom did know someone who lost an arm in a car accident

"GRAMS" said...

The world must be taken over by one arm bandits, as I had a great uncle that lost his arm in a car accident and was never aloud to hang my arm out the window either.