Sunday, August 19, 2007

Here I go..

Ok- I have decided that this will be the best way to keep everyone up to date on life here at the Hayes household. I will try to keep up with the blog. I am not very blog savvy just yet, but I will work it out. Lot's of Big Moments coming up that I don't want you to miss. Abe's Soccer, first day of kindergarden, swimming , dance lessons!! First Smiles!! It is all very exciting!
So add this to your favorites list and check back soon-


erinharris said...

Hello Manda

How are you? I think this is a GREAT idea ~ you will have to let me know how it goes (I know NOTHING in this arena...). You have been on my mind A LOT lately ~ I apologize for such poor communication! Congrats on the arrival of Violet!! I can't wait to see pictures and hear stories of her, Parker, and Abe through this blog adventure! Take care ~ Look forward to updates!

Love, Erin

p.s. Did your class ever have their class reunion? Just curious

Maribeth said...

This is great. I am so excited I have another blog to read. If you have any questions I will try to help. It isn't too hard although I recently was having trouble with my own...
Hope you're doing well. Please let Erin know that I will mail her information back. I want to put something together for her that may help if she opts to do a 20th (or assist).

Pam Shannon said...

Hi honey,
I think this is a great idea. I can keep informed about all of you and be kept up to date with you friends. Some of those friends ...such as Erin...I was just asking her mom about. Can't wait to see how school goes for Parker love. mom

kaybaker said...

Love it! I'll check in regularly and am anxious to keep up to date with all of you.
Love, A. Rhonda