Saturday, August 25, 2007

The berry Pickers

This morning we went Blackberry picking with our friends Annie and Ron and Cody, Ty, and Luke. It was so much fun. Ron and I are very serious pickers!! Out here Berries just grow everywhere. Like the wildflowers in Texas. Seriously, these were just growing on the side of the road. Ron found a great place that he passes in the morning when he runs. Parker takes her job very seriously, but he boys are much more concerned with eating. Ron grew up picking berries with his family. They would go home and have blackberry milkshakes. Of course, we HAD to follow tradition!! I made two blackberry crips and cleaned and froze the rest. Annie and I have orders to make Freezer Jam. I want to try to make Blackberry syrup. I will let you know how it goes!!
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Pam Shannon said...

Hi honey,
I love the pictures and stories that go with them. It is just great!!It looks like you are all having fun.The berries look great. Make some jelly so I can taste them.
Who is San Marco or whatever it is that Abe wanted to be called? I'm clueless? up the good work
Love to all of you MOM

Maribeth said...

How fun! I remember picking strawberries in the old patch by your mom's house as a kid. My mom took my sister & I for serious picking so she could make strawberry perserves. We picked and picked and finally I sat down and just picked and ate. My mom had so much preserves she was giving the stuff away. It was good though and one of those memories I've never forgotten. Abe & Parker will remember this time.